John J. Dunphy

My work in the debut issue (Fall 2021) of The Flying Saucer Poetry Review.

UFO lab
while strapped on
the dissecting table
an alien shoves
a pillow beneath my head

high-stakes chess games
aboard a UFO
if I defeat each of my captors
they have promised
I will be released

in flight
aboard a UFO
to think I once believed
my Hennessey Venom GT
was fast

John J. Dunphy’s scifaiku collections include Stellar Possibilities and Dark Nebulae.

My Work in the November 2021 issue of Failed Haiku


John J. Dunphy

John J. Dunphy’s poetry collections include Touching Each Tree, pagan rites, Old Soldiers Fading Away, Dark Nebulae, Stellar Possibilities and Zen Koanhead.

Two Haiku and a Tanka


John J. Dunphy


his lucky lottery number

the time of his father’s death


I show my wife

our checking account balance

  • both published in brass bell 10/21

strip club parking lot

seated on

the hood of her car

a dancer smokes pot

while watching sunrise

— published in hedgerow, issue 135

John J. Dunphy’s collected works of poetry include Touching Each Tree, Zen Koanhead, Old Soldiers Fading Away, pagan rites, Stellar Possibilities and Dark Nebulae.

Spirit of Martyred Abolitionist Lives On in Those Who Love Freedom


John J. Dunphy

My column about Elijah Lovejoy for the 11/3/96 edition of The Telegraph of Alton, IL.

John J. Dunphy is the author of Abolitionism and the Civil War in Southwestern Illinois, Unsung Heroes of the Dachau Trials and several other works.

The Mineral Springs Hotel in 1938.

A Haunted Location for a Book Shop?


John J. Dunphy

Author’s note: From 1992 to 2002, my book store was located in a former hotel that had been converted into a mall — and was supposedly haunted. I wrote this column for the 3/10/02 edition of The [Alton, IL] Telegraph.

John J. Dunphy

John J. Dunphy

John J. Dunphy owns The Second Reading Book Shop in Alton, IL USA. Google him to learn more about this enigmatic person who is such a gifted writer and poet.