John J. Dunphy
Mar 12, 2023

An Easter Tanka by John J. Dunphy

Published 3/11/23 on Five Fleas. What an original idea for an Easter decoration in one’s yard! I hope some of you utilize it. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

John J. Dunphy’s poetry collections include Old Soldiers Fading Away, Zen Koanhead, Touching Each Tree, pagan rites, Bullet Cluster, Stellar Possibility and Dark Nebulae. He is also the author of non-fiction works such as Unsung Heroes of the Dachau Trials: The Investigative Work of the U.S. Army 7708 War Crimes Group, 1945–1947.

John J. Dunphy

John J. Dunphy owns The Second Reading Book Shop in Alton, IL USA. Google him to learn more about this enigmatic person who is such a gifted writer and poet.