Inauguration Dirge


John J. Dunphy

You lied to us.

You, the person who told us “Love Trumps Hate.”

Last year we watched in disbelief

when Hate kicked Love’s wimpy little ass so hard

it still orbits the earth like a satellite.

The demagogue soon to be sworn in as president

spewed hate like an infection spews pus.

He ridiculed a reporter with a disability

and people thought it was funny.

He demonized Mexicans and Muslims

and crowds roared their agreement.

He belittled and objectified women

and his supporters — even the women — said,

“Well, that’s just the way a man with balls talks.”

The Ku Klux Klan endorsed him

and it didn’t bother his supporters in the least.

The United States died on 11/8/16.

It will be buried on 1/20/17.

Tombstone inscription: Hate Trumped Love. Deal With It, Stupid.

Memorials can be made to a charity of one’s choice.

John J. Dunphy’s latests include Unsung Heroes of the Dachau Trials and Abolitionism and the Civil War In Southwestern Illinois.

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John J. Dunphy

John J. Dunphy owns The Second Reading Book Shop in Alton, IL USA. Google him to learn more about this enigmatic person who is such a gifted writer and poet.